January 22, 2022

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Corona Virus: In France, the omicron variant will be the dominant variant at the beginning of 2022

On Friday, French Prime Minister Jean Castix compared the speed of the spread of the Corona virus variant Omicron in Europe to the speed of lightning, and said that at the beginning of next year, this variant will prevail in France.

Although there is still plenty of unexplored Omicrona, the French prime minister said it “doesn’t appear to be more dangerous than the delta form”. COVID-19, AFP reported.

In France, according to the latest data, nearly 3,000 patients infected with the virus are hospitalized in intensive care units, according to AFP.

At the same time, Prime Minister Castex informed that the third, so-called booster dose of a cancer vaccine will soon be available to humans instead of the current four months after the second dose. He also said that the government will announce new measures it wants to use in the new year to increase vaccination in the country.

“We have already given a lot of time to those French people who were reluctant to get vaccinated and had doubts, but in January we will reinforce the incentives for vaccination.” “.

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