January 27, 2022

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Corona Virus: Czechs return to the Christmas classics and move to stone shops

The second Christmas in the Czech Republic will be a little different than last year. While last year the Czechs gave gifts under the tree to make life in the locker room more enjoyable, this year they are returning to a more traditional concept.

In addition, although customers still order large quantities from online stores, compared to last year, they have already partially returned to traditional stores, according to server Lidovky.cz.

“Compared to last year’s parcel volumes, this year’s statistics for parcels transported in the pre-Christmas period show a return to the 2019 level. People returned to stone shops and made their online purchases a little less than the last closing year,” Czech Post spokesperson Matjas Vitic told Lidovky.cz.

While people order mainly ordinary goods such as electronics, toys or books online, they go to traditional stores to buy small things or, on the contrary, to get more valuable gifts.

“Under the tree there will definitely be cell phones, coffee makers, televisions, game consoles, robotic vacuum cleaners, smart watches, and of course classics like books, perfumes, Lego sets and board games,” Jan Mayer, director of Heureka said, comparing prices. The Internet, to Lidovky.cz, however, according to him, there is a great interest in sports equipment for bicycles or cross-country skates.

luxury items

“In the last weeks leading up to Christmas, luxury goods have been selling out in bulk – porcelain, glass, expensive perfumes, creams and cosmetics. Natural organic products and natural cosmetics are also on sale,” added Petra Chekova, spokeswoman for Kotva department store. And compared to last year, the clothes are also selling well.

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However, just like last year, the epidemic is still happening at Christmas this year, slowing production and transportation and delaying the delivery of goods from Asia. Some European producers, in turn, suffer from a shortage of ingredients for production.

So, merchants have been preparing for this year’s Christmas early, but there are still long waiting lists for some items. “There is still a shortage of PlayStation 5 game consoles in the Czech market,” Eva Kočicová, a spokeswoman for electronics store Datart, told Lidovky.cz.