March 3, 2021

Corona virus Australia live news: ‘Modern science is at its best’: Vaccine release targets priority groups across Australia

Western Australia has begun production of its vaccine

Two hotel isolated nurses have become the first people to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine in Western Australia.

Four thousand five hundred drugs of the Pfizer Bioendech vaccine arrived at Perth Airport yesterday and were stored overnight in the Perth Children’s Hospital pharmacy freezer at minus 80 degrees Celsius.

This is the first COVID vaccine approved for use by the Therapeutic Products Administration (DGA) in Australia.

Chief Health Officer Dr. Andy Robertson said he was excited about the project.

“This is really an important day for the WA because we are carrying out the largest vaccination program the country has ever seen, and of course the biggest program we have seen in the WA,” he said.

“We are very excited about this project. A lot of work has gone into planning.”

WA Premier Mark McGowan said the first vaccines were given at a hotel isolation center in the city.

“The plan is to provide this to our hotel isolated workers, our port workers who work with ships and foreign crews, and our airport workers,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

“The Commonwealth is going to do aging care workers and aging care residents as well.”

With priority given to health workers, hotel isolated workers, border staff, and general care residents and staff, more than 330 people will be vaccinated in WA today.

The federal government is also in the process of providing the vaccine to residential aging care facilities.

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