March 3, 2021

Cope | In Mark’s message the UK emphasizes security measures in the midst of diversity

According to Janet Maymark, director of Cope-Douglas Public Health, Cope County has “many” confirmed cases of the first corona virus variant to be identified in the United Kingdom.

Public health experts say the variant is more contagious than most infections in the United States, but there is no evidence that it causes more severe symptoms or that it is more dangerous. Reports of that variation, now in 30 states in the United States, and have come from South Africa to South Carolina, show the need for people to continue to take action to mitigate the spread of the virus, Memark said.

Memmark did not provide the exact number of Cope County residents who contracted the UK variant, but said they were not connected to travel from one country where variation prevailed. I.e. it spreads within the community.

“This variation exists in our community and it is spreading,” he said.

Of those with disabilities in Cope City, only one has been admitted to the hospital, Maymark said. In other good news, vaccines are being released in Cope and across the country.

“From what we hear, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines beautifully cover the UK variant,” he said. “But you also need to make sure you are doing preventative measures, so everyone should stay away socially, wash their hands and wear your mask. Not to everyone outside your home.

Researchers are still exploring how effective vaccines can be against the variant that comes from South Africa.

Although the number of COVID-19 cases has dropped from the post-holiday spike, Memmark said he is concerned that the new, more contagious variant could trigger another outbreak and increase hospital admissions from the virus.

The advice she gives to the community is not to give up.

“I know everyone is getting tired of all this. Also, we were able to bring that number of cases during the holidays, but there is a big challenge ahead of us here, ”he said. “Therefore, we must make sure that we do not give up on what we are doing. So wear your mask regularly, you know, when you are out in public, wash your hands, physically keep yourself away, do not gather outside … to your home. It triggered our lawsuits over the days, and in this situation you do not know who it is, you do not know who it is, but we know it is out there, and it will definitely cause a problem if we are not very careful about what we do now. ”

“Everybody keeps up with what we’re doing and making sure we’re trying to extend this until we get more and more vaccines. But this virus is so smart and can continue to run with us. So we have to continue to do what we know.”

Cope-Douglas Public Health spokeswoman Valerie Crowe said the CDC still advises people to wear a cloth mask.

Report Capitol Beat News Service contributed to this report.