October 22, 2021

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Continuation of the saga of Gangster, Bond, and Dune.  The most anticipated movie premiere that you shouldn't miss

Continuation of the saga of Gangster, Bond, and Dune. The most anticipated movie premiere that you shouldn’t miss

Zdroj: Warner Bros. / Barry Witcher

By the end of September, several long-awaited films will be released. Among them are a new bond film No Time to Die and a prequel to the Sopranos series.

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No time to die

The release of this movie has been delayed for a long time. Initially, production was hampered by injuries, accidents, and the withdrawal of original director Danny Boyle, and later by the pandemic. He writes that we will finally see the premiere on September 30th BBC.

In the end, the director took over the talent Carrie Joji FukunagaBest known for TV series True Detective. Give the movie a story James Bondwho has completed his active service and is on well-deserved leave in Jamaica. However, the peace does not last long, because his old friend Felix Letar from the CIA will soon appear and ask him for help.

No time for James

Source: MGM / Nicola Dove

Many Saints in Newark

One of the best TV series ever sopranovci It ended in 2007. Its lead actor, James Gandolfini, died again six years later. However, the gangster saga did not end there.

The series’ creator, David Chase, is co-author of the book Prequel, which describes in detail how teenage Tony Soprano was drawn into the underworld by his beloved uncle Dicky Multisanti (Alessandro Nivola). Ray Liotta and Vera Farmiga also star in the film, but Gandolfini’s son Michael Gandolfini, who plays young Tony, attracts the most attention. The movie will be a nostalgic ride for Sopranos fans, but it’s not just about the past. The story takes place in the background ethnic disturbances In the United States, which creates sad parallel to the present. Its world premiere was on September 22nd.

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The adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction book won’t arrive in Slovak cinemas until October 21, but has its world premiere at the festival in Venice on September 3. The work will show you the extraordinary story of Paul Atreides, who must reach the most dangerous planet in the universe to find a rare spice blend. This spice can provide a person with extraordinary psychic abilities. However, it will not be easy, because the planet is home to huge sandworms. He will introduce himself in the main role Timothée Chalamet. Critics say about him najepickejšom science fiction conspiracy In the last years. A sequel to the film has already been planned.

0520- sand dunes- Tout-Lede-a

Zdroj: Vanity Fair / Schiabella James

Are you looking forward to these movies?