January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Conference League: ŠK Slovan Bratislava – FC Copenhagen 1: 3. It responds to Vladimir Weiss Street.

Yesterday 22:35

At the start of the Europa League group, Slovan Bratislava lost to FC Copenhagen 1:3 at home after controversial goals.

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The first shot was preceded by a duel in the corner of the field, when the ball did not cross the goal line. Copenhagen opened the score from the next corner. The winning goal fell after the border position on the offside line, the third after a controversial penalty kick. Weiss rightly noted the lack of a video assistant referee for the match.

“I saw in the video that there is no corner or penalty. I cannot comment on the referees or the club or I will be fined. I can probably say that I do not understand why there is no VAR in matches like this. Why then? It is in the Slovak League, in Anywhere, but not in the conference league.

If available, some situations may be evaluated differently. Božikov’s first card was completely useless. It was a technical flaw, not intent. In each match, we collect a card for almost nothing at the fifth minute.

Well, what…always the strongest or most experienced person has the upper hand in Europe too. However, we can’t complain about the referees or anything else. We screwed up ourselves and we still have a lot of work to do and learn to get to their level.

We shouldn’t make half-mistakes that cost us the result and decide the big games. We also get targets from a helicopter, simply out of nowhere. “We haven’t grown up yet,” Weiss said in the press after the match.

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Slovan was mostly a tactical battle with a balanced opponent. They judged individual errors and controversial judgments.

“I’m just happy with the performance. We didn’t have a weak spot in the squad, but some offensive players should show more quality,” Weiss addressed to Savric, Mraz and Green.

“We played well in the first half, the best so far under me. Both tactically and up front. We were active, playing no excuses. We had good starts and promising moments that we could not reach the finals.

Before the second goal we made a terrible mistake in the middle of the field when avrič lost a clean ball. This could happen, but then we couldn’t fight in the middle of defense. Božikov could not go hard with the yellow card, it was necessary to interrupt the match.

I thought we could turn around in the second half. However, the mock penalty broke us and the opponent just completed the match. “We no longer have the strength or quality to reverse the outcome,” Weiss said.

Less than 10,000 spectators at Tehelné Pole were also satisfied, despite the loss, the players applauded. “Fans appreciate the robot. They are demanding, but excellent ”, thanked Weiss for his support.

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The fact is that Slovan scored only once in the goal, when he scored around Henta in the corner. A player who expelled his fans from the club, and Weiss trusted him, despite the reluctance of many of them.

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“I’ve never criticized Eso. It’s important to find a relationship between player and coach. Some can give sugar and honey, others need more whips. So far, we understand Es. He can work better because he has more potential.”

He’ll be a better player and score more goals if he does what we agreed on,” Weiss believes, emphasizing that Hunte should lose a few pounds.

Slovan missed key players leaving defender Di Marco and offensive midfielder Weiss Jr. The coach pulled the winger Zamrahla to replace his first name, and in the absence of “Ten”, Wesa decided to cooperate with two attackers, Henti and Mraz.

“We missed Vlado. He could invent an extra goal measure and help with quality and experience. Di Marco was missing too, they lost their defense in defense. I didn’t want to put young Vojtek in such a difficult match so that he wouldn’t mentally fall into the case of a completely unsuccessful performance” .

Weiss must continue to improvise, as Di Marco will not help the Slavs even on PAOK’s hot soil due to the elimination: “It was his blunder and one stupidity that the whole team is paying the price for. However, we will go there to win and play offensively. We have types of players that are not suitable. for defensive combat.

The Slavic cadre underwent the required reconstruction in the summer. “About ten came and ten left,” Weiss said. Agbo debuted in Slovan on Thursday, Frost debuted for the first time. Green came just a month ago, and Adler has just 20 minutes after Copenhagen.

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The team needs time and a conceptual bot to fine-tune the chemistry and automation that will lead to better gameplay and impact. “We knew it simply at the time. This team will be a better class in the summer if we stay together and maybe add another place.”

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