January 28, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Conference League: FC Copenhagen – Slovan Bratislava 2: 0. Vladimir Weiss: Fail? Indeed!

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Twelve players were injured, the Holobrad is basically sixteen, but it was safe for the Slovak champion. Copenhagen can also come up with such slavs with a complete novice.

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In danger, a miracle. Courage stays at home

“It’s not over yet, miracles happen in football too. And let’s try one. Copenhagen won in our country, but it wasn’t as dominant as we thought. Maybe we didn’t play as confidently as we would in Copenhagen. We’re going there for risk and victory. I think we’ll play More relaxed than today. We can’t help but get over it,” Vladimir Weiss Street roared. Two weeks ago, after a home draw with PAOK.

Gurage’s words remained in the conference room at Tehelné Pole. Before the heyday of the League F-Group conference, the Copenhagen approach was tilted. Finally, a certain winner with a large Marodka made room for the sensation, but Slovan was not ready and able to hurt him.

Guests played without a spark of an idea. It seems that Copenhagen entered the order of victory. On the contrary, Slovan was like an impromptu team. The monotonous color of the eggs cut only fragments of defiance. The imaginary crown was laid by Agbo as he threw from inside the field.

Work and approach the international level

Weiss, whose interference also waned during the meeting, reached the post-match press lukewarm after repeated criticism of the Guardians in recent weeks: “I don’t define it as a failure, but as a fact. When your opponent is better, you have to congratulate him, bow his head, and move on.”

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We know where we have the good and where we have the shortcomings. We will work on it and get better. Just as a coach learns all his life, players also have to learn and add to get closer to the standard of international football.”

He congratulated the parents several times, and spoke of a well-deserved victory. He recalled the moment when Yuri Medvedev dropped Toto without goals: “Such matches are decisive .. this is one of them. Then we got a cheap goal, and there he turned around. Copenhagen took advantage of our mistakes, and we often failed in the press. He has many talented players, coach Sane. It’s a big club and it can go far.”

The Danish press was a parade of smiles. The reporters were upset with coach Jess Thorpe that the teens had silenced his calls for reinforcements.

There are a lot of robots in the club. Some will leave

Slovenian exceeded the Slovak maximum in the number of points earned in the European Cup group (8). And although he will have such a retirement at the beginning of September for all ten, he will have to draw himself today while maintaining self-reflection.

“There are a lot of robots at the club. At first, we advanced in a tough duel through Shamrock Rovers. Then we tried something that this team wasn’t good at. We have to admit that and continue to work at the club to achieve the dream you mentioned (progressing to LM Group). This is a long process, and it can’t be achieved from month to month.At that moment we didn’t have any more,” Weiss said.

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He weighed the words, and did not engage in frank criticism. And he repeated what he had done several times in recent months: “I think the team will improve with the right addition. We have to work on the physical exercises, many players were injured or not ready in the summer. The conference league was a big school. We will see what winter brings. We want to strengthen ourselves in two positions. Or two. Some players leave. Younger ones are on hosting to get training.”

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