November 28, 2021

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Computer Health Check also started charging on Windows 10 automatically

Computer Health Check also started charging on Windows 10 automatically

This is an official app direct from Microsoft.

Microsoft has already started offering its own automatic PC health check app, aka PC Health Check. As a reminder, so far, users have been able to download the app on their computers manually and then check if their devices are ready Windows 11.

Automatic delivery of an application means that it is delivered directly through the Windows Update update mechanism. Delivery takes the form of an update with a sticker KB5005463Which, according to Microsoft, will ship to devices running Windows 10 versions 2004 and above. It will not be offered to Windows 11 users.

Other useful information and tips about Windows 11:

The app informs some details about whether our device meets the system requirements. Modified against Windows 10, the biggest controversy has been caused by requests for a newer processor as well as enabling TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot technologies.

If the device does not meet the requirements, the user has the right to continue the existing work on Windows 10, which will be further supported. Temporarily until October 2025 (for consumers).

However, it is possible to switch to Windows 11 with a device that is not supported, but already exists Move at your own risk.

Microsoft does not recommend such a transition. Additionally, there is a risk that security updates will no longer be delivered to these devices. Microsoft warns of such a possibility, although it hasn’t implemented it (yet).

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