January 27, 2022

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Commissioner Stavrovska opposes the use of hammocks for people with disabilities

Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities Zuzana Stavrovska has welcomed the decision of the United Nations Committee Against Torture to use net beds for persons with disabilities. Commissioner Elena Korechanska spoke in a press release.

More effective measures against outdated practices

“I welcome the decision of the United Nations Committee Against Torture in the Lucky Sirnak case. This decision allows for more effective action against these historically well-established practices, which since 2009 may not be used in social services facilities under the Social Services Act.” Commissioner Stavrovska said.

According to it, monitoring in social services facilities is carried out by the Commissioner’s OfficeWe are taking immediate remedial action and criminal charges to remove these mesh beds.”

Other type of family is also not allowed

Even social services facilities often argue that a mesh bed is recommended by a psychiatrist as a medical device.

According to the press release, the Office of the Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities is also facing the unacceptable use of high side plank beds in social services, which cannot be folded and placed there until someone comes to vacate them.

They exposed the abuse of hammocks

And in the psychiatric clinics visited by the commissioner’s office as part of the observation, he discovered an excessive use of the family. Of the nine psychiatric facilities, only one does not use cribs. The remaining eight psychiatric facilities overuse family beds, even in such a way that the patient is placed in bed in front of other patients.

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The mesh beds, as stated in the press release, are used as a regular bed, and not only for the acute management of the patient’s pathological condition, and are used for a long time. Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities Stavrovska supports a ban on net beds in psychiatric facilities.