November 30, 2021

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Colleague, put your hand to work and get vaccinated

Our colleagues shed tears in my eyes yesterday. My dear friend from us from Malinov writes about the status of Facebook. She has two young children who need her.

They found a tumor in her head and they can’t operate on her, because there are covid patients everywhere in the hospitals.

Patients who know and can prevent their admission to hospital. It would have been enough if they could be vaccinated.
Like Tippi, Florey, myself or any of our fellow vaccinators.

We gave up because we trusted healthcare.
Because we also think of others who cannot be vaccinated due to health problems.
Because we know what COVID is like and it’s not fun.

Even though we’re young and healthy and train four times a week, it’s got us on our shoulders. My husband Tibor was breathing hard when I took him to the emergency room in April. He had such pneumonia from which he recovered for 5 weeks. After half a year of illness, I couldn’t focus properly. To this day, we both go to pulmonology for a check-up, because our lungs are still not quite right.

We’ve been vaccinated because the actions don’t really affect our business or our ability to keep your jobs.
Because we don’t want to shoot again.

We haven’t stopped since the first wave. We developed new products, delivered meat and ice cream in our cars, and demanded deferrals of fees or bank installments, or even money from state measures.
These days we’re finishing off our annual cake eeshop project, which was a huge bite.

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We did not start. We’ve done what we can to save your jobs. But it seems we are shorter than that.

We don’t know how to empty the hospitals.

Your time is up.
Please put your hand to work.
Vaccine ❤️