November 30, 2021

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Coca-Cola Advanced System Will Help End Beverage Bottling Life - Business and Entrepreneurship - Business News

Coca-Cola Advanced System Will Help End Beverage Bottling Life – Business and Entrepreneurship – Business News

From January 2022, a reserve system for PET bottles and cans will be launched in Slovakia. Coca-Cola, as the world’s largest soft drink producer, sees this as a step in the right direction. The advanced system will also help the company meet its ambitious environmental commitments.

15.11.2021 10:06

From January 2022, the advanced system will bring changes to the handling of beverage packaging, such as PET bottles and cans, to Slovakia. After the new, we’ll pay them 15 cents with the price of the drink. However, we will return it if we return the empty, undamaged package to the store with the backup machine. Likewise, it already works with bottles. You can identify backed up plastic bottles and cans by the symbol with the letter Z.

As the largest manufacturer in the world, Coca-Cola, together with manufacturers, dealers and other government agencies, participated in the preparation of the backup system in our country. “It is a step in the right direction for the environment and circular economy in Slovakia. From the beginning of the whole process, we have been setting individual standards. Our goal was to make the resulting system as transparent, efficient and consumer-oriented as possible.” Says Michal Obrik, director of external relations for Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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How will backup help Slovakia?

Paying a deposit for bottles and cans will increase people’s motivation to get that money back. This will help not only to collect PET bottles and cans, from which new packaging will be recycled, but especially to the environment.

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Overseas experience has shown that thanks to the deposit system, it is possible to collect up to 90% of these types of packaging, which will also significantly reduce the amount of waste that is freely disposed of in nature. Ecologist Petra Sevalvayova of the Institute of Circular Economy assumes that we can reach such a number in Slovakia before 2029, which is the goal of the backup system administrator. “By observing the evolution of systems abroad, I suppose there is a rapid initiation curve of a well-targeted awareness campaign. The Slovak green conscience is awakening, and this is noticeable in society,” expert says.

The PET bottle backup system already operates in 10 European countries: Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia and Serbia. In Slovakia, we drew inspiration from the Baltic and Scandinavian systems, which also achieved the best results.

“The advanced system also supports the development of EU legislation, according to which by 2025 we must collect at least 77% of all plastic bottles and each new bottle must contain at least 25% of recycled materials. Through this system, we will not only guarantee High efficiency in the collection, we also guarantee to obtain the obligatory raw materials for recycling,” Petra Sevalvayova explains the advantages of the system.

More recycled material bottles

The advantage of PET bottles is that they are a single material and not a mixture of different plastics. They can be easily cleaned and reused in the recycling process, for example to produce a new beverage bottle. In the backup system, PET bottles can also be recycled frequently, and as technology improves, the number of such cycles increases. The material melts into aluminum cans and can be recycled virtually indefinitely. Other products are currently produced from used PET bottles, such as clothes, carpets or tires. However, it can no longer be 100% recycled.

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Coca-Cola wants to ensure the complete recycling of its beverage packaging, which is why it already has all PET bottles and cans in Europe that are completely recyclable. “Thanks to rPET technologies, we have the opportunity to recycle plastic beverage bottles to produce new ones and thus eliminate the amount of new plastic. That is what Coca-Cola wants to go with, because that is how we understand the circular economy.” says Michel Aubrik.

In Slovakia today, Coca-Cola uses an average of approximately 20% of recycled materials, and this share will increase significantly in the coming years. By 2025, it will have at least 50% of recycled materials across its entire beverage portfolio in PET bottles. You can actually find Römerquelle mineral water in stores today, as its bottles are made from 100% recycled materials.

Additionally, by 2030, Coca-Cola has committed to helping collect and recycle the same amount of all packaging marketed. The introduction of a backup system in Slovakia is a tool that will help them achieve this goal in our country.

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