December 7, 2021

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Closed kitchen or common living area?

The old saying goes that the kitchen is the heart of every home. As we know, to be wrong is human, but in this case this fact persists to this day.

A piece of culinary history

Over the centuries, the concept of housing has changed several times depending on the quality of living conditions or the social status of the family. The first primitive dwellings of the people consisted of one large room with a hearth, which formed the core of the dwelling. Even in the last century, coexistence of multigenerational families prevailed, so the house was often divided into separate apartments according to the floors. Everything was aimed at the independent living of the so-called nuclear family – a couple with their grandchildren. What does the “heart of the homeland” look like to modern people today? There are more options. Which type is your favourite?

Open plan kitchen – common living area

The term open kitchen hides the connection of the cooking space with other functional units of the family, such as the dining room, living room, games room, entrance hall or study. The possibilities of connecting individual parts depend not only on square meters, but also on the relationships in the particular family. Often it is not just about tearing down the wall and opening up the space. In this way, the demands on the privacy of the inhabitants of the house are figuratively reduced and space is opened for more frequent meetings of family members.


4 Pros of an open kitchen

From a big small apartment

Obviously, the great advantage of a shared living space is to create the impression that the apartment/house is larger. People in the house don’t spend half their time crossing narrow hallways or closing and opening countless doors. All daily activities take place in one place.

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Ventilation and brightness of space

If you want to feel comfortable at home, it is important to ensure adequate lighting and natural ventilation. A large common space will ensure a more even distribution of light even in places where dark corners are formed in the case of partitions. The air will naturally circulate through a larger area, so you will avoid feeling the heaviness of the exhaled air.

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