January 29, 2022

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Claudia was a prominent tennis player, and today she entertains thousands of people on Instagram: Women and professional sports?  I'm Not Sure Anymore (Interview)

Claudia was a prominent tennis player, and today she entertains thousands of people on Instagram: Women and professional sports? I’m Not Sure Anymore (Interview)

“In Slovakia, they looked at me as a player who failed and had to find a plan B. On the contrary, in the United States, they took me as the biggest star who was able to play tennis at such a level that she got a scholarship at the university” Says Klaudia Rusnák, formerly Malenovská.

Claudia is a former senior athlete and was previously the 53rd best emerging tennis player in the world and internet comedian. He is currently involved in marketing and less than a year ago started creating entertaining videos on Instagram and TikTok which have hundreds of thousands of views.

She studied Marketing at California State University in Long Beach, Digital Business and Innovation at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. In an open interview, we spoke to Klaudio about her vision in entertainment, life in California or the darker side of the best tennis, and why she thinks women should reconsider the idea of ​​being part of professional sports.

Source: Claudia Rusnak Archive

How to become a prominent sports ex-artist on the Internet? At first glance, these are worlds very far away.

Rebirth was not instant. gradually developed. Entertainment is just one of my many sites. Currently, I mainly work on brand strategy marketing, where it is necessary to know the background of human behavior, which has a lot in common with comics. In both areas, you need to know what people are experiencing and how to reach them. But you could say I’ve always had a sense of comedy.

When and how did you come up with the idea of ​​creating funny videos?

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  • What annoys her most about the top sports are their dark sides.
  • Why is almost life of some players prostitution.
  • What threatens top athletes.
  • How is the fact that in recent years attention has been focused more on the appearance of female athletes than on their performance?
  • How America changed it and what cultural differences it faced.
  • Why did her colleagues at the prestigious University of California not envy that she did not have to pay 30 thousand euros a year for tuition fees.

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Preview image: Claudia Rusnak Archive