October 22, 2021

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Cibulková had fun with fireworks on the roof of the apartment in Bratislava.  The neighbors called the police

Cibulková had fun with fireworks on the roof of the apartment in Bratislava. The neighbors called the police

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They also had live music at the party.



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There was a party with fireworks on the roof of the apartment on Letna Street in Bratislava over the weekend. According to the information Plus 7 days Such famous personalities as Dominican Cibulkova, her husband Michel Navarra and the head of Fashion TV Gabeca Dropova participated in this entertainment.

On Instagram, Dropova boasted, among other things, that the saxophonist played her on the roof of the apartment. Member of the Bratislava Autonomous Region Barbora Orachova ClaimsThat the event was supported by Doctor Joseph Dolinsky, the owner of the premises in the building.

“The party is going on – fireworks from the roof terrace of MUDr. Dolinsky. Fireworks must be required to obtain a permit from the city district 10 days in advance, and it is necessary to inform the surroundings in advance of the fireworks.” wrote on Facebook.

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The neighbors eventually called the police. But by the time I arrived, the fireworks were long gone. According to the results Bratislava newspaper The police fined the night 20 euros for disturbing the night.

In addition, it was said that there was an argument between the party participants and the neighbors. “In connection with the case you mentioned, we are registering a criminal complaint with the relevant department of the Local Directorate of the Police Force of Bratislava III on the question of suspicion of a criminal offense,” Bratislava Police Spokesperson, Michal Szyv, revealed the Bratislavsky Novini movie.

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