January 22, 2022

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Christmas in Kulikova: the main character in the gifts is my husband! Governance during COVID requires extra energy

Kolíková also wants what everyone wants for Christmas. “So we can all meet at the Christmas tree and at the Christmas table,” Topky male. She wants to go to her cottage after Christmas.

My husband is a main character in gifts

Benova hopes to be able to meet her immediate family. “So my mom, my husband, my kids and I hope it is possible in terms of arrangements so that we can meet my brother and his family and the kids. This is my immediate family and I want to spend Christmas Eve with them,” She said.

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

He will spend Christmas Eve at home. “Then I want to go to our cottage with the children and the guy. I hope there will be snow and the opportunity to go skiing.” She said. When it comes to gifts, her husband is the main figure in finding and securing gifts. “He consults me in the process and I am always very satisfied with both the process and the result. And I am glad I got it. Of course, not just for this :),” The minister smiled. “So I stayed with a gift for him, and I hope I can handle this.” explained.

We all suffer from this

The second pandemic year that affected us all is not easy. “The great thing about these holidays is that we have time to meet the people we care about. Because it seems like that time during the holidays slows down for a while and we can meet everyone we might have less time during the year.” Described by Kulikova.

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Before Christmas, she also met the former head of the parent party, For the People.
Christmas in Kulikova: the key

Source: FB / Maria Koliková

“Of course, it would be nice to have time to meet everyone we love and whom we feel good about. But if we don’t, there will be a place during the holidays. And within lockdown, where there are restrictions to meeting in a wider group, so I feel in this context that we are all suffering, “ He stated that physical closeness to loved ones is important and that health and life are very valuable.

In addition to the normal operation of the case, you have to spend additional energy

According to Kolíková, the second year of COVID shows us that being healthy and free at the same time is something we don’t even realize, as rare in normal time. And what has COVID and the situation around it taught her, personally or politically? “Governance during Covid and the resolution of the epidemic means that in addition to the normal management of the state, you have to put in more energy, capacity and work, which of course hinders, especially if the government has ambitions for reform. The government must be careful about the health of the people. For the Ministry of Health, but given Given the scale of the epidemic, this must be addressed by every member of the government,” he said. The minister was captured.

According to her, everyone must take measures within their administration, to protect the health of employees within these departments, but they must also take important measures from their administration towards the whole country. “And then in the government, all members of the government must take the measures that are critical to the whole country to guard against the epidemic. This is, of course, a big and difficult task, and it is crucial for any member of the government to devote and give it absolute priority.” She added.

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