October 22, 2021

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Children and young people will not be vaccinated!

Children and young people will not be vaccinated!

The British government on Monday decided not to vaccinate most children and adolescents against the corona virus Govt-19 until more information is available about available vaccines.

According to the AP, children with severe neurological disorders, Down syndrome, immunodeficiency and many or more severe learning disabilities and children with immunodeficiency are eligible for the vaccine.

The decision to discontinue the vaccine for most people between the ages of 12 and 18 is based on the recommendation of the Combined Vaccine and Immunization Committee. He said the health benefits of the global vaccine do not outweigh the risks to most young people who are usually only affected by mild symptoms of the virus.

Children and adolescents who are eligible for the vaccine will receive the vaccine from the Pfizer-Biotech consortium – the only one they have approved in the UK for this age group.

London’s decision contradicts the actions of France and many European countries, which decided to vaccinate adolescents from the age of 12, the AP wrote.

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