January 24, 2022

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Change this COVID device.  Green areas pay extra to their neighbors

Change this COVID device. Green areas pay extra to their neighbors

Analysts from Data Without Pity have again called for the government to change the rules for the COVID device. At the same time, it has recently changed. Analysts claim that according to the current machine, many Slovak regions will soon turn orange and some are wrong.

GOVERNMENT: CHANGE COVID AUTOMAT,These are the first words of the article that appeared on the Facebook page Data without Pathos. Analysts announced that many areas will be red after schoolchildren’s tests, which will also affect neighboring areas.

The next “coloring” is only Monday in 3 days, but the map does not appear in pink. The numbers of infected (after schoolchildren’s tests) scatter the areas in color (very red!) in a very strict scale.Analysts wrote.


Posted by Data without pity employment Friday 3 September 2021

Miško from III.C can’t get units of English, because his roommate has three of Physical Education

Analysts are of the opinion that it is not right for the government to take into account the color of the neighboring region when dividing it into regions. “We need to consider trips and hospital admissions in a particular area, not the color of the neighborhood by number of infected people.,” they claim.

“It’s like you got caught on the third. He can’t give a unit in English, because his neighbor in the seat has a triangular body. We have a mistake and we need to change it now and today and not at the end of September. At the end of September the pandemic hawks will put Slovakia in their hands and we will do absolutely nothing ,Analysts concluded by comparison.

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In the next post, we will learn a specific example of such a neighborhood.

😂😂😂 Contrasts from COVID AUTOMATIC 😂😂😂 Rožnava and Revúca are two neighboring regions. 60 and 40 thousand people. Rojava in red and …

Posted by Data without pity employment Saturday 4 September 2021

Rojava is in the red and today leads Slovakia’s hit show in the presence of Covid. Neither Revúca had PCR nor AG positive nor was it preserved. Perhaps the last time was in II. waves. Revúca is last in the same graph. Truth ,Analysts note that the COVID vending machine also remembers such “anger”, when only 4 people in one area had to sit at a table in a restaurant, and it would be possible to organize a banquet for 250 people in another.

Thanks to Rožňava, Gelnica and Brezno will also go orange so that Revúca does not grieve. Because of Poprad, Kežmarok Levoča,The real “fun”, they add, will be on Monday.

Source: Facebook / Data without pity