October 22, 2021

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Cellophane with the Stanley Cup? The fans have arrived, they can also play in the Bratislava derby in the NHL

Today 16:15

The new year of NHL hockey 22 officially launched on Friday, and Bratislava fans in particular can look forward to it. We will find a participant in the Ice Hockey League (IHL) Bratislava Capitals again in the game, and HC Slovan Bratislava also entered it for the first time thanks to their participation in the Champions Hockey League.

Unlike the football version of FIFA 22, where there is not a single Slovak club, we have two in hockey. However, they are not too cumbersome and not as important as they were in the most popular FIFA.

It will be difficult for you to recognize the players, whether they are Slovenia or capitals, few of them have their real faces or at least a picture in the game. Another category are ratings that are far from reality. You can make up your own opinion of it, all the ratings of Slovenian and capital hockey players can be found in the photo gallery.


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Ondrej Nepel Ice Stadium, which is the main stadium for both clubs, is not in the match either. At the beginning of the match, it will write that you are in it, but it will only show you the EA World Sports Hall. However, both teams have original logos and jerseys in the game, although only Slovan are from the Champions League.

If fans get frustrated with players’ highly inaccurate ratings and only global appearances, they have the opportunity to stick around. Would you like to play for HC Slovan in the NHL, for example? Don’t worry, you can join the NHL team, complete the expansion draft, and finally win the Stanley Cup.

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Pictures of both teams from the game >>

Also watch the video of what it looked like when HC Slovan won the Stanley Cup: