January 16, 2022

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Can Donald Trump “reinvest” as president to replace Joe Biden?

Former US President Donald Trump in front of a Marine One helicopter (explanation). – A.HANKS / WHITE HOUSE

  • According to New York Times, Donald Trump told his relatives that he expects to be “reinvested” in the presidency this summer.
  • The former U.S. president receives an unofficial audit in Arizona or a fictitious new appeal to the Supreme Court.
  • But nothing in the US Constitution provides for such a situation after the inauguration of the President.

Despite losing 61 appeals in court, In two Supreme Courts, Calculations and audits in half a dozen states, results certified by Congress and Recommended by Joe Biden, Donald Trump would not have surrendered completely. According to the journalist New York Times Former U.S. President Maggie Heberman Trust in relatives He was expected to be Reinstalled (Reinvested or reinstated) at the White House by August. His former lawyer, Sidney Powell, also described the hypothesis last weekend as “impossible” because it was an illusion.

Can pseudo-censorship in Arizona be a game changer?

This hallway noise didn’t come out anywhere. In news releases He publishes on his blog Or that Donald Trump, through his Political Action Committee, is rejecting official results, citing a fake audit of ballots issued by Republican senators from Arizona. “Let’s see what they see in Arizona. I would not be surprised if they see thousands and thousands of votes. Later, we will look at Pennsylvania, and Georgia, and Michigan, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. Hampshire.

Fake off

This analysis of the bulletin has no legal value. It is run by a Florida company called Cyber ​​Ninjas, which has no experience in election auditing. His boss Doug Logan shared On a Twitter account – since deleted – Conspiracy theories known as election fraud.

An official audit already took place in Marigopa County (Phoenix City) last November. 5,000 ballots were manually checked from 26 polling stations where the machine was counted. No error found (pdf), And the results were certified by the commission responsible for the referendum, where Republicans have a majority. A new test of the voting machines last February revealed no problems. In mid-May, cyber ninjas and a Senate Republican host promised that a database had been destroyed. Donald Trump shouted corruption. But it was An error of the auditors. Files are never deleted.

Can the former president be “reinvested”?

Mike Lindell, owner of Mybilo Pillows, which has been slandering voting machine maker Dominion for more than $ 1 billion, says he has “compelling evidence” of votes transferred from China by a Cypriot Last week, former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon promised to work with justice ministers from several Republican parties. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld their appeal and predicted that the election results would be overturned as “9-0”. At the same time, attorney Sidney Powell – Dominion also sued – Said at a conference organized this weekend QAnon supporters Donald Trump “can simply reinvest, and a new inauguration date has been announced”.

Fake off

The Supreme Court has refused to hear two post-election appeals from Republicans in the state of Pennsylvania and Texas. After all, the window has been closed for a long time since Joe Biden took office on January 20th. According to the Professor of Constitutional Law Steve Vladek, «Sydney Powell Discovery [une nouvelle théorie]. There is no law or order to “reinvest” a president. The only way to terminate the tenure of a White House tenant is to declare them incompetent by indictment or the 25th Amendment. To change this, the constitution must be amended by a two-thirds majority in Congress.

Army, last resort?

At the same conference, General Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, appeared to support a conspiracy. One participant asked him “why Burma Can’t get here? Flynn answers: “No reason. I mean, it has to happen here.”

Fake off

Michael Flynn’s recommendation before Donald Trump to declare martial law after the election, especially after the Capitol Hill riots, caused a stir. Some, such as retired Lieutenant Alexander Windman, felt that these “treasonous” remarks could be punished by court defense. “There’s no reason this could happen here,” Flynn said as he tried to back away. But the video is clear, after Michael Flynn says “no reason”, pauses before adding: “It has to happen here”, without denying, to the applause of the room.

For Donald Trump, who finds it difficult to be without his Twitter and Facebook accounts, it is likely that his return to the White House will help motivate his most staunch supporters and continue to raise funds for a potential candidate in 2024. He may need this before: a major arbitrator to rule out a possible Trump trial Created last week In Manhattan, and is expected to deliver its results in the coming months.



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