January 21, 2022

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Bye, California.  Tesla has officially moved its headquarters to the United States of America

Bye, California. Tesla has officially moved its headquarters to the United States of America

It’s no secret that the American automaker Tesla no longer wants to work in California. After earlier disagreements with the local government, Musk announced that the California automaker would move the entire headquarters. That moment is coming now, you reach the gate CNBc.

Last summer, Tesla founder Elon Musk announceWhich will move its headquarters and factory to the automaker away from California. This happened after local authorities ordered the factory to remain closed during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.


“Tesla will now immediately move its headquarters and future programs to Texas/Nevada,” Musk said on Twitter. He added that the company is filing a lawsuit with the competent authorities in Alameda County.

The visionary kept his words and announced at Tesla’s annual meeting yesterday that the entire management of the automaker has officially moved from California to a new hub in Texas, Austin.

New Center for Misk Projects

As shown TeslaratiMusk appears to have moved the headquarters of his other projects, such as The Boring Company, to Austin. Texas has offered Elon a better business environment and is now benefiting greatly.

But moving headquarters from California to Texas doesn’t shut down factories in Vermont and Nevada. The automaker will continue to operate it, but it will actually operate it outside of California’s borders.


California factories should increase production by up to 50% in the near future. But the problem may be labor shortages, which are increasingly threatening in sunny California.

Real estate prices around Tesla factories are very high, so people cannot live near their work and often come to them from a distance. On the other hand, the factory in Austin has a very convenient location, being only 5 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the city center, so ensuring an adequate number of employees should not be the slightest problem in this area.

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