January 22, 2022

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Businesses will be able to check business accounts in real time.  Danyari has also published API data samples

Businesses will be able to check business accounts in real time. Danyari has also published API data samples

Novelty relates to reporting business accounts to the financial department.

The Entrepreneur Program will be able to search the APIs in the lists of bank accounts that VAT payers use in their activities.

Production version with test data samples now provided by the financial department. Sharp databases will be available from January 1st.

Ultimately the goal is to help taxpayers simplify repetitive job searches – otherwise they will have to search all the data in one file if they want to get an idea of ​​their business partner and avoid potential tax risks. When paying for a good or service, they will know if they are paying on a legitimate account.

Account numbers will also be available through the online environment and in data exports.

After entering the VAT ID

The “optimization” of taxpayers is associated with the novelty in the form of the publication of bank accounts of value-added taxpayers, which was introduced by legislation. It was available in Recently introduced OpenData portal. To access the API you need key generation.

Due to the protection of personal data, the interested party will be able to view the data in the new online lists of information on the Financial Management Portal only after entering the full VAT ID value into the filter.

“Only the data for the list of information provided will be displayed, corresponding to the value entered for the VAT ID. It will be possible to have an overview of the entire list only with exports from online lists of information, which will be generated daily and published on the portal of the financial management, Define the institution.

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The financial report said the files exported would be subject to a “strict licensing policy”. Commercial use of lists should also be prohibited.

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They have received a pre-filled form

It should be noted that all VAT payers are required to notify the Finance Department electronically by 30 November of all bank accounts they use for business. Use the form, which they received pre-filled in their mailboxes on his portal, if they were registered as payers on November 15.

This was made possible by the fact that the state already had accounts that had been notified to the taxable person or payment service provider. It was sufficient to indicate the bank accounts used by the entity for business, or to add other bank accounts.

The commitment covered more than 207,000 entrepreneurs. It was introduced by amending the VAT Law. The accounts database will be updated daily. If the entrepreneurs do not comply with this obligation, there is a fine of between 30 and 3000 euros. Subsequently, the entrepreneurs will also have to notify any change, additions or cancellations regarding the bank account.