January 21, 2022

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Bully 2 is said to be in development and we may announce it soon


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Instead of GTA VI this…

As Rockstar tests its fans’ patience with the GTA Trilogy Remaster and the public absence of GTA VI, in the bowels of the studio is preparing a second sequel to Bully.

At least that’s what game expert Tom Henderson says. Several sources confirmed that they saw a playable version of the game and it was expected that the game would be announced at the Game Awards, but that apparently didn’t happen in the end.

The announcement of Bully 2 was expected to be a surprise at The Game Awards last week after some people were shown material suggesting an advertisement for a game. However, the information is not clear, so I can’t be specific, but if I hear more, I’ll let you know,” Henderson wrote on Twitter.

In addition, one of the Game Informer editors posted an interesting link on the social network Twitter, which also indicated the impending reveal of Bully 2 before downloading the post and changing it to a private profile.

Source: Twitter

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