January 18, 2021

British Punjabis angry at being called Khalistani to support farmers | Chandigarh News

LONDON: A group of 25 British business leaders, professionals and councilors, mostly of Punjabi descent, have sent a letter to UK High Commissioner Keith Kumar condemning the stigma attached to anyone attending a Kisan rally in Britain. A Khalistani.
The letter, entitled ‘Descendants of peasants and soldiers, not terrorists’, read: “Ordinary families took part in peaceful struggles throughout Britain to show their support and unity. This does not make them all anti-Indian. ”
It criticizes the “negative role” played by “certain sections of the Indian media and pro-Indian government groups”, “whose sole purpose is to paint a false image and tarnish the image of hard-working Punjabi immigrants. By branding all of us as Khalistani separatists or anti-India.”
At a car rally in London on December 6, large numbers of ordinary families, the elderly and the youth, “had nothing to do with the separatist agenda, but all were branded pro-Khalistan. This is unacceptable. ”
The letter urges the High Commission to “take swift action to prevent further polarization in the UK” to avoid irreparable damage to the High Commission’s relationship with Punjabi immigrants. It calls on the Indian government to address the grievances of the peasantry, condemn the use of force against the opposition and condemn “any group affiliated with the Khalistan agenda or any political party that seeks to use the peasantry for their own agendas.”
“The Congress, the Khalistanis and the Communists are using the struggles of the peasants in India to show their own opposition to the BJP government, which is creating a lot of chaos and damaging the real cause of the peasants,” said Lord Rami Ranger, president of the British Sikh Association.
Lord Ranger has been forced to file a complaint with the police targeting what he believes to be the Khalistan activists he claims to have sent fake posters and letters to, while Lords has filed a petition to remove him from the congregation. The petition was subsequently dismissed. The fake poster urges people to attend the farmers rally.
The sympathetic Labor Sikh MP for the cause of the peasants. Don Desi has been forced to call “some of the Indian media” on Twitter for misinformation “by branding peaceful farmers or those who speak for them as separatists”. Terrorists ”.
He tweeted examples of slanderous stories in which he was falsely branded as “closely associated with Khalistani elements” and was the organizer of a rally in London on December 6, and in those articles described as “pro-Khalistan” rally Desi, “Can’t borrow to attend a demonstration?” , Let’s organize one. Stick to the facts, rather than weaken one of the key pillars of a democracy. ”
Some Khalistani groups have jumped on the bandwagon of peasant protests. On December 10, Justice for Sikhs, the illegal organization organizing the 2020 Punjab referendum, held a farmers ’rally in Birmingham.