January 21, 2022

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British pumps shut down.  Petrol, they are not drivers

British pumps shut down. Petrol, they are not drivers

Britain faces supply problems.

London, Bratislava. It was the summer of 2000, and rising oil prices in world markets indicated that petrol prices were already rising in the UK.

Despite urging carriers, Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government has refused to reduce fuel taxes. Protests erupted in September. Trucks blocked roads and restricted the range of goods.

People started buying fuel in advance, selling as much as usual in three days a week. Many closed the pumps because there was nothing to sell.

The health system they declared a state of emergency was also in trouble.

People panicked in stores, started hoarding, and in some supermarkets began to control the amount of basic food they sold to a customer.

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Memories of the year 2000

The government has also sent troops to deliver, and the London Chamber of Commerce estimates that the day of the demonstration will cost the country 250 million. The government did not back down and after a week the siege of the country was over.

This experience Now reminds the Guardian. In many ways, the situation starts again, this time not because of the resistance of the trucks, but because of their lack.

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