October 23, 2021

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British panic, without fuel, there are most gas stations in the country

Prime Minister Johnson urged residents not to panic, and his call was not heard.

Britain’s fuel crisis is gaining momentum. In some areas, especially in large cities, the British bought fuel at 90% of service stations on Monday. The panic caused problems with fuel distribution in the country as a result of visa restrictions imposed on foreign truck drivers.

After Britain’s exit from the single market, the British government imposed severe restrictions on the issuance of visas to foreign workers, including truck drivers. This has caused major problems in supply chains, and with the end of the year and the Christmas holidays approaching, tension in the UK market has increased.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and many British ministers have called on not to panic. However, their call remained unheard. As the British Fuel Dealers Association (PRA), which represents independent fuel retailers, reported on Monday, its members said that between 50% and 90% of service stations in some areas were free of fuel.

“Unfortunately in many areas people panicked,” Gordon Palmer, President of the People’s Republic of China, told Reuters. According to the Times and Financial Times, the British government is considering deploying the army to ensure adequate fuel at gas stations.

But representatives of carriers, retailers and the gas station network indicated that there was no quick fix. The shortage of drivers is acute (there are currently around 100,000 missing in Britain), plus transporting fuel requires additional training and licenses.

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