January 29, 2022

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British officials suspect a Chinese spy in parliament

British officials suspect a Chinese spy in parliament

According to MI5, the spying was carried out by Christine Singh Qi Lee, head of the British law firm.

London. The British Secret Service MI5 has identified a Chinese citizen who allegedly tried to influence representatives representing various political parties and has been actively working within the British Parliament to disrupt political processes.

They said Thursday Many British newspapers.

According to MI5, the agent is a woman named Christine Singh Qui Lee, who heads a British law firm.

Interventions in British politics

Lee is said to have been involved in fundraising for several British MPs, including Labor MP Barry Gardiner.

He is said to be a Chinese “agent of influence” and associated with the Central Committee of the United Front of the Communist Party, which is proud of its efforts to spread Beijing’s influence abroad.

“In our estimation, the (aforesaid) department seeks to secretly interfere in British politics, establishing and developing contacts with MPs and candidates from all political parties, ensuring that the UK political scene is in line with the agenda of the Communist Party of China,” he writes. The MI5 document states that this was also done by seeking illegal methods.

According to The Sun Lee, on behalf of foreign nationals, he has helped make political donations to political parties, legislators and the public office in the UK and various political organizations.

E.g. He paid the labor company nearly £ 700,000 – mostly through MEP Barry Gardiner’s office, who used Lee’s son Daniel Wilkes as an assistant when confronted with security services.

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Meanwhile, The New York Times told Security Services Gardiner that “they have no intelligence to prove that (Wilkes) knew or was involved in his mother’s illegal activities.”

Relationship Development Award

Meanwhile, British media released photos of Lee posing with former Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn and his deputy Tom Watson.

Former Prime Minister Theresa Mayova, Whose conservatives were suspected of receiving millions in donations from Russia, were presented with a gift to the League in 2019 in recognition of his contribution to Sino-British relations.

In an unusually rare move, MI5 issued a warning about Lee and his photo on Thursday.

The Sun reports that Christine Lee was in the UK but has not been arrested despite allegations of corruption.

China has dismissed the suspicions

The AFP on Friday denied all allegations made by the Chinese embassy in London, MI5 and the British press, saying “we do not want influence in any foreign parliament and have never sought to influence it”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wen-bin responded similarly, saying Beijing “does not need such measures and will never engage in so-called interference.” He added that those behind the allegations “may be freaking out at the James Bond 007 movies and creating unwanted associations.”

The embassy firmly opposed similar humiliation and intimidation of the Chinese community in the United Kingdom.

Conservative MP Ian Duncan Smith, who has imposed sanctions on China, said the presence of a serious Chinese government agent in British politics was of great concern.

He also said that people seeking asylum in Britain should be threatened by the Communist Party of China.