January 21, 2022

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British license plate GB is not valid abroad

British license plate GB is not valid abroad

London, September 30 (TASR) – British motorists traveling outside the UK must remove or hide the GB (Great Britain) international license plate from their vehicles.

Instead, the new designation must use a sticker with the UK (United Kingdom) or have a UK identifier on the registration number. The BBC reports that government control has been in place since Tuesday, September 28th.

Record numbers with the blue band and GB characters next to the EU logo are no longer valid. Motorists who do not have proper UK marking on their vehicles can refuse to enter certain countries.

The international registration number GB has been on British drivers’ vehicles since 1904 and is valid for motor vehicles from the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In January, the EU flag was removed from all vehicle registration numbers registered in the UK, with officials saying most EU member states would not have to use the GB sticker if their vehicle registration numbers were marked GB or GB with the UK flag.

Under current government regulations, motorists planning to drive outside the UK must now have a clear UK international registration plate on the back of the vehicle. Symbol of the European Union; The national flag of England, Scotland or Wales; Only numbers and letters without flag or identifier.

However, vehicles with a UK registration number with the United Kingdom flag are not required to have an international UK registration plate, as further stated in the relevant regulation. No UK sticker required to travel to Ireland.