January 17, 2021

British foreigners barred from entering Spain due to post-Brexit invalidity of ID documents UK News

Many British foreigners who hope to return to their homes in Spain say they have been prevented from boarding their flight at Heathrow Airport.

Two airlines have stated that proof of residency documents will no longer be valid after the Brexit transition period with the EU expires on December 31.

It comes amid intense travel activity due to the new COVID-19 The variant is blamed for spreading fast Corona virus In the UK.

Live updates on the corona virus in the UK and around the world

British Airways is one of two airlines that have reportedly refused to allow multiple flights to Spain

In Spain all nationalities from the UK, except British citizens, have the right to reside.

Spanish and British officials have stated that the green certificate for EU citizenship is still valid for British citizens residing in Spain with a foreign national identification number issued by Spain.

But British Airways and Iberia employees have reportedly refused to allow some to leave the country in the past two days.

Patricia Moody, 69, one of seven British residents living in Spain, was unable to board a PA / Iberia flight from Heathrow to Madrid on Saturday.

Ms. Moody, who has been calling on the Spanish city of Jurgen, home in Almeria for nearly four years, said: “It was completely cut off and cut off because my husband was not well. Yes, it spoiled everything.

“We’ve going home, Spain. We’ve make it home. My husband needs urgent medical care, which we are running without pills, so we have to stay home.”

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After Ms. Moody said she and her husband spent $ 1,900 to test for the virus, traveled to the airport and booked new tickets, staff refused to allow them to board their first flight.

“We have been in contact with the airline, we have done the Govt check, we are staying at the Sofitel (hotel) for the rest of the time, 24 hours, nothing,” Kenneth Moody added.

After the couple was interviewed, the subsequent attempt to climb was also futile.

Christian Goode, who works at an engineering company, lives in Madrid with his wife Alicia.

“I was on the phone to the British consulate in Madrid and you were being redirected to a London number,” Mr Good said.

“They have logged it with the Spanish authorities, but they can’t tell us if they will get an answer,” he continued.

Spain is developing a new system called TIE to register permanent foreigners. But there is a backlash due to the high number of requests.

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that both proof of application for the TIE and the “green certificate” for EU citizens will still be valid for British residents to travel under the new health restrictions until January 19.

The British embassy in Spain said the chaos “should not happen”.

“Spanish authorities have reaffirmed today that the Green Residence document will be accepted for return trips to Spain, as stated in our travel advice,” it said.

British Airways and Iberia, which are part of the IAG team, did not immediately respond to written questions from the media.

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