December 2, 2021

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British climate activists blocked traffic again

British climate activists blocked traffic again

LONDON, Oct. 27 (Reuters) – British police on Wednesday arrested dozens of people involved in a British insulate protest by blocking the entrance to a motorway on one of London’s main roads. This was reported by the DPA.

Activists of Insulate Britain, a branch of the well-known Extinction Rebellion movement, are urging the British government to isolate all homes over the next ten years to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

On Wednesday, they blocked access to the intersection on the M25, one of Britain’s busiest roads, and the A40 in west London. Many of them protested by sticking to the surface of these roads. Several people have been arrested at the scene.

Other activists were detained by police before blocking a roundabout at a large intersection in Dartford, Kent, England.

Kent police have arrested 32 protesters, including four suspected of plotting to disrupt traffic. London Metropolitan Police say they have arrested 17 protesters at the intersection of A40 and Gypsy Lane.

British authorities have the power to block arteries blocking a recent court order. The DPA said the individuals could face up to two years in prison or an unlimited financial fine. The British Department of Transportation said on Wednesday that more than 100 activists had already been summoned to court over similar traffic disruptions.

Britain’s insurance activists on October 14 lifted an organized blockade of several major transport routes. However, they announced that the protests would continue until the British government promised to insure all 29 million housing units in the UK by 2030. The struggle continued again on Monday. They have been protesting for the 16th day since September.

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Roadblocks were reopened just days before the start of the UN Climate Summit (COP26) in Glasgow from October 31 to November 12.