December 2, 2021

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Britain will provide 20 million doses of the vaccine to developing countries by the end of this year

Britain and other rich countries have been criticized for hoarding more vaccines than they need.

The United Kingdom is donating 20 million new coronavirus vaccines from AstraZeneca to developing countries by the end of this year. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken in Rome, where the G20 summit begins on Saturday, AB and Reuters reported.

According to Johnson, Britain has already delivered ten million doses to the COVAX vaccine distribution program, with another ten million to follow in the coming weeks.

London has already provided more than ten million benefits to underdeveloped countries this year. By 2022, it intends to donate at least 20 million doses of vaccine from AstraZeneca and all 20 million doses of Jansen vaccine ordered by the government. Britain has promised to provide 100 million benefits to countries in need by the middle of next year.

Johnson called on the G20 to push for “a speedy, fair and global distribution of vaccines.” The world economy is recovering, but the pace of recovery will depend on how quickly the world can deal with the epidemic, he said.

Critics in Britain and other rich countries have accused them of stockpiling more vaccines than they actually need, while poor countries, especially in Africa, have their shortage.

Hundreds of former prime ministers and ministers from around the world have called on Italian Prime Minister Mario Tragi, who is hosting the G20 summit, to address the unjust distribution of vaccines. Callers say that 240 million unused vaccines will be available in the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada by the end of October, and that this will be sent immediately to the most needy countries.

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By the end of February 2022, a total of 1.1 billion surplus vaccines could be redistributed in this way.