January 24, 2022

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Britain will not accept Lukashenko's actions and tighten sanctions against Belarus

Britain will not accept Lukashenko’s actions and tighten sanctions against Belarus

Britain tightens sanctions on Belarus on Monday to punish presidential rule Alexander Lukashenko To undermine democracy and human rights. The decision comes on the first anniversary of Belarus’ presidential election, which London considers a fraud.

They will not provide assistance to the luxury air fleet

These activities focus on trade with Belarusian state-owned companies, state finance or aviation. The British Foreign Office said in a statement that British companies were not allowed to provide technical assistance to Lukashenko’s luxury aircraft.

.These sanctions show that the United Kingdom will not accept Lukashenko’s actions after fraudulent elections.Foreign Minister Dominic Robb said in a statement. “The products of Lukashenko’s state-owned industry will not be sold in the United Kingdom and our airlines will not be affected by his luxury aircraft.The Minister further said.

Britain has previously imposed sanctions on key parts of Belarus’ exports – a common ingredient in potassium carbonate, fertilizers, petroleum products and tobacco exports. The European Union and the United States have adopted similar sanctions against Belarus.

Authorities have cracked down on protesters

Last year, Belarus was rocked by protests provoked by Lukashenko’s re-election. The largest of them attracted 200,000 people. Belarusian authorities have severely repressed the protests. 35,000 were arrested and thousands were beaten by police. Leading opposition leaders went to jail or were forced to flee the country.

Lukashenko ruled Belarus for 27 years with a hard hand. He describes his enemies as hops abroad. He accused the United States and its allies of plotting to overthrow his government.

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Belarusian authorities have cracked down on protesters in recent weeks. In hundreds of trials, they targeted independent journalists and opposition activists.