October 22, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Britain wants to address labor shortages  It offers visas to hundreds of butchers

Britain wants to address labor shortages It offers visas to hundreds of butchers

Britain will issue six-month work visas to 800 butchers overseas to prevent large-scale slaughter of pigs. The country is facing labor shortages in some industries and problems in supply chains.

Exit of workers

Reuters reports that a combination of British farmers Brexit and Govit-19 epidemic has led Eastern European workers to leave butcheries and meat processors. They have 120,000 pigs and no one can beat it.

“We will allow butchers in slaughterhouses and persons working in the processing of pork to come here for a specified period of six months, subject to a plan for seasonal workers.” Environment Minister George Eustis said today.

“This will help solve our current problem when pigs are stocked on farms.” He added. He argues that Brexit was not the main reason for the shortage of manpower in Britain.

“The production of pork and other parts of the food industry has lost a lot of workers because many EU citizens fled during the epidemics, which had nothing to do with Brexit.” Eustace said. “They had the right to stay here, but many of them decided to leave during the difficult times of the epidemic and stay with their families.” Said

Tens of thousands of wires are missing

Aside from the shortage of manpower in the food sector in the UK, tens of thousands of lorry drivers are missing.

In recent weeks, because of this, they have had to shut down or restrict the operation of some gas stations in the country so that no one has to import fuel for them.

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The Boris Johnson government has already announced plans to issue temporary visas to 5,000 truck drivers and 5,500 workers in the poultry industry. However, the cabinet wants companies to invest in British employees and not to rely on cheap labor from abroad.