October 22, 2021

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Britain urgently needs foreign truck drivers

Britain urgently needs foreign truck drivers

London, September 26 (TASR) – Major gas and food supply problems are forcing the British government to radically change its approach. According to British media reports, Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to allow thousands of truck drivers from overseas to make up for their severe shortages with exceptions.

Strict visa regulations, which came into force after Brexit, are currently hampering the arrival of a skilled workforce, which is putting further pressure on the logistics sector. Recently, some power companies have been unable to supply some filling stations due to shortage of conductors, and long queues have developed at some stations. According to the British press, it was these films that forced Johnson to change his approach.

Boris already had teeth full of negative headlines in the newspapers, which needed to be resolved, and he did not care about visa requirements,“A source close to the British Prime Minister was quoted by the Financial Times.

In the archive, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London on May 14, 2021.
Photo: TASR / AP

It freed representatives of companies and business associations. However, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CBI) has warned that the crisis should not be expected to be resolved by thousands of foreign drivers, especially in the absence of skilled workers in many sectors.

We have no trained butchers, we have no trained welders, no cooks, no electrical engineers, so there is a shortage of manpower in the whole economy,CBI chief Tony Tanker told the BBC.

The government is demanding that companies provide more jobs to train British workers and pay them more. Tanker agreed that reform was needed, but criticized the government for its approach. “You will not create a shopkeeper from a grocer or a cook from a store owner.

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The Road Hole Association estimates that there are currently around 100,000 lorry drivers in the UK. Therefore, there is a shortage of various items in many places and the shelves are empty. Some service stations cannot be provided due to lack of BP and Esso drivers.