December 9, 2021

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Britain to introduce charging points for electric cars

Britain to introduce charging points for electric cars

From 2022, new buildings in the UK will be fitted with chargers for electric cars. This was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday.

Johnson, who recently hosted the COP26 Climate Change Summit, told leading businesses that he would enact legislation to reduce carbon emissions. Mandatory charging points In new homes, supermarkets and workplaces in the UK.

New charging points

Under the law, about 145,000 new charging points would have to be added per year, and this responsibility would apply to major renovation projects as well.

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“New homes and buildings should have charging points for electric vehicles,” Johnson told the British Confederation of Indian Industry (CBI) annual meeting.

This is the next step Ban on sale of new diesel and petrol cars Part of the effort to achieve zero carbon emissions in the UK from 2030 and by 2050.

Switching to zero emissions

Johnson wants Britain to be at the forefront of a global effort to move zero emissions, which could help the economy recover from the new corona virus outbreak.

“This is an important moment,” Johnson said, adding that Britain could not continue as it had before and needed to restructure its economy.Green Industry Revolution“We need to make massive investments in science and technology and increase our productivity,” he added.

There are currently about 25,000 charging points in the UK. However, the Competition and Markets Regulatory Commission estimates that more than 10 times that number will be needed by 2030.

Boris Johnson

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