December 2, 2021

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Britain threatens to further explore EU fishing vessels

Britain threatens to further explore EU fishing vessels

LONDON / PARIS, Oct 29 (TASR) – Britain on Friday warned that if France fulfills its threats and retaliates in the deepening fishing dispute, it could launch further in-depth inspections of EU fishing vessels. The AFP agency said.

“Britain launches dispute resolution measures and other practical responses, including the introduction of stricter restrictions on EU vessels’ fishing activities in UK waters” Said a government spokesman in London.

British Brexit Minister David Frost on Friday expressed London’s concerns to the European Commission’s Vice President, Morpheus, during talks on the implementation of the Brexit agreement.

“(Frost) conveyed to the Vice President (efčovič) our concerns about the unfair measures announced by France earlier this week to disrupt British fishing and broad trade.” A spokesman for the British government continued.

London summoned the French ambassador on Thursday. A few hours ago, France intercepted a British Scallop ship operating in its territorial waters without permission. Paris on Friday filed charges against the captain of the detained ship.

The dispute between France and Britain is related to the issue of fishing licenses in the territorial waters of the United Kingdom, 6 to 12 nautical miles from the United Kingdom. This also applies to the waters around the island of Jersey and other British royalties.

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