January 27, 2022

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Britain reports problems: Omigran variation confirmed in ubiquitous populations

Britain reports problems: Omigran variation confirmed in ubiquitous populations

The corona virus variant Omigrome has also been confirmed in people with no travel history in the UK. This confirms the spread of community diversity, British Health Minister Sajid Javed said on Monday.

According to Javid, 261 cases have been reported in the UK, 71 in Scotland and four in Wales. The total number in the United Kingdom is 336. “This includes cases that have nothing to do with international travel. Based on this, we can conclude that there is a social spread in many parts of the UK.” Javed told MPs in the British Parliament.

Paul Hunter, a professor at the University of East Anglia (UAE), said on Monday that the Omigron Delta variation is likely to dominate the country in the coming weeks or months.

All people coming to the UK must submit a negative PCR test or rapid test no later than 48 hours from Tuesday when entering the country. The measure will take effect on Tuesday at 4.00 am local time (5.00 am CET) and will apply to both vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals.

Every person coming to the country must pass the PCR test after two days and remain in solitary confinement until a negative result of this test is obtained.

Javed said the measures were temporary and would be reviewed by authorities next week. “We have to make sure that action is absolutely necessary.” He added that the measures would not be in force for more than a day.

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