January 29, 2022

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Britain records nearly 50,000 new infections and 63 deaths a day

Britain records nearly 50,000 new infections and 63 deaths a day

In the UK, the number of corona virus seizures continues to rise And a relatively moderate increase in cohort-related hospitals and mortality indicators. Authorities recorded nearly 50,000 infections and 63 deaths a day. In both cases, the increase was significant in recent months.

Hospitalized deaths with covit in the UK. Source – Corona virus. Data.gov.uk

As of Wednesday, the government had announced new victims from January 15.

At the same time, the government’s estimate of 50,000 epidemics a day across the United Kingdom during the last release of the isolated regime in the UK is coming true. The repeal of the rules restricting the wearing of the veil or gathering of people is scheduled for Monday.

Unlike the positive tests, hospital and mortality rates are much lower than last winter’s peak, with 67 percent of the adult population completing the vaccine.

However, the occupation of hospitals and the balance of victims is also increasing. The number of hospital beds occupied by Govt patients is approaching four thousand, and the 63 deaths recorded today represent the highest daily total since March 26th. (Reuters,) tk)

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