November 28, 2021

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Britain plans to stop fossil fuel heating by 2035

Britain plans to stop fossil fuel heating by 2035

Families can receive a grant of £ 5,000 to replace gas boilers.

October 19, 2021 at 7:01 PM SITA

London. The United Kingdom on Tuesday unveiled plans to end fossil fuel home heating by 2035.

After 2035, no new gas boilers will be installed, and from next year, families will be able to receive a subsidy of £ 5,000 to replace gas boilers with low carbon heat pumps.

Public-Private Cooperation

Premier Boris Johnson He said at the Global Investment Summit in London that private sector investment and consumer pressure were important to reduce carbon emissions and curb climate change.

“I can deliver billions,” Johnson said in a room full of CEOs and other executives of various companies. “But in this room you can all deliver trillions. And the market will become greener,” Johnson added.

Development of four major green technologies

The British government wants to get tens or hundreds of billions of pounds of investment from the private sector and allocate a similar amount to green energy projects in the United Kingdom.

The money will fund the development of four key green technology areas in the UK: green hydrogen, renewable but non-renewable energy sources such as wind and sunlight, sustainable aviation fuels and direct carbon sequestration.

Johnson is expected to welcome world leaders to the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland on October 31. He argues that Britain should lead the world in decarbonization because it is the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. According to him, rich countries should help the poor to reduce carbon emissions by funding green technologies.