November 28, 2021

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Britain honors assassinated member: Parliament plunges into a minute of silence

Britain honors assassinated member: Parliament plunges into a minute of silence

In a moment of silence on Monday, the British Parliament paid tribute to longtime Conservative MP David Ames, who was stabbed by Ali Harbi Ali of Somali descent during a meeting with citizens on Saturday. Police are investigating a possible Islamic motive.

“We will never allow the perpetrators of evil to win over democracy and parliament, which means a lot to Sir David Ames.” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement at a public meeting.

Amaze, 69, is one of Britain’s senior MPs. In Southhand, which he represented, he ran to help gain city status. Queen Elizabeth II. The request has now been officially passed, Johnson announced in Parliament.

Amisa’s assassination has caused concern among politicians as it is the second attack on a British MP in recent years. In June 2016, during a campaign before the Brexit vote, the attacker shot and killed Labor MP Joe Cox.

In this connection, several MEPs said they had recently received death threats. Former Foreign Minister Dominic Robb has reportedly received three such threats in the past two years. Labor MP Chris Bryant told police he received death threats the same day Amesa was assassinated.

Ali Harbi Ali is said to have been under surveillance before the attack by British security forces in charge of the militants. According to the media, his father was in the past an adviser to the prime minister in Somalia, his uncle was an ambassador to China, and his aunt runs a security think tank in Mogadishu.

The Times reported on Monday that British police were investigating possible links with Qatar because Ames was chairman and recently visited a parliamentary committee for the country’s cooperation. However, according to other British dailies, Ali’s goal was to assassinate any politician after intensifying himself during the lockout, and Amesa more or less roughly chose.

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