December 2, 2021

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Britain has refused to agree with Paris to aggravate the fishing problem

Britain has refused to agree with Paris to aggravate the fishing problem

ROME, Oct 31 (DASR) – The British government on Sunday denied Paris’ claim that both sides had agreed to defuse controversy over fishing opportunities after Brexit. AFP and AP agencies reported this.

During the G20 summit in Rome on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held talks in an attempt to resolve the dispute over the English Channel. However, both Paris and London provided different versions of the outcome of the meeting between the two leaders, the AP writes.

After the meeting, Macron’s office said, “According to the AFP, the leaders agreed.”Expansion with specific measures“, எவை”Will be introduced as soon as possible“However, Downing Street spokesman Max Blaine said London did not plan to take any concrete action.”France will have to decide whether to carry out its threats and take the retaliatory measures announced in recent days,” he said.

The dispute between France and Britain is related to the issue of fishing licenses in the territorial waters of the United Kingdom, 6 to 12 nautical miles from the United Kingdom. This also applies to the waters around Jersey Island and other British Crown dependencies.

The controversy escalated on Thursday when France intercepted an unlicensed British Scalp ship in its territorial waters. In response, London summoned the French ambassador on Thursday. Paris on Friday filed charges against the captain of the detained ship.

Paris says Britain has not yet issued sufficient licenses to French vessels to fish in British waters. France on Wednesday released a list of possible retaliatory measures if the talks do not progress. Britain warned on Friday that it could carry out more in-depth inspections of EU fishing vessels if France fulfills its threats and retaliates in the deepening fishing dispute.

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