January 28, 2022

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Britain has issued 23 fishing licenses in French waters

Britain has issued 23 fishing licenses in French waters

Brussels, Dec 11 (DASR) – Britain has granted 23 additional licenses to French fishermen to fish in British waters, a British government spokesman said on Saturday.

This came the day after Britain’s deadline for resolving a fishing rights dispute after Britain’s left the EU. AFP reports that Paris continues to require more than 80 licenses.

Before Brexit, French fishermen could fish deep in British waters. They now need special licenses from the British government and from the British territories of Jersey and Guernsey.

In response to a decision by British officials on Friday, French Maritime Affairs Minister Annie Girardin said France and the European Union would “continue to work” to obtain the 80 missing fishing licenses from the British.

As these works have accelerated in recent days, French fishermen have been able to confirm or obtain more than 80 licenses since last week.Said Girardine.

Meanwhile, fishermen in the Hauts-de-France region have announced that they will take steps to curb the import of British products, much to their dismay.The European Commission withdrew“.

The fisheries license dispute has deepened the deteriorating bilateral relations between Britain and France. It has intensified this year due to the efforts of illegal immigrants into Britain via the English Channel.

The decision by the British authorities on licenses for French fishermen comes a day before EU fisheries ministers met in Brussels on Sunday to determine the annual fishing quota in European waters.

The European Union (EU) is in separate talks with Britain over setting up an annual fisheries quota in common waters.

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