December 2, 2021

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Britain has failed more than the Brexit border

Britain has failed more than the Brexit border

Britain has spent more than a billion pounds on the border since Brexit. Even this investment did not prevent a decline in trade with its largest trading partner, the European Union.

The UK inspectorate said the amount invested would include the cost of border equipment, helping companies adapt to the new situation and financing businesses in Northern Ireland.

Britain’s trade with the EU fell 15% in the second quarter compared to the same period in 2018. Businesses had to deal with the new bureaucracy after leaving the single market and customs with the EU. They fill out additional forms and appoint customs agents to handle other tasks.

Why it matters

After his cabinet decided to set up new trade sanctions to ensure maximum distance from the EU, figures may increase pressure on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to show Brexit’s benefits.

Johnson has repeatedly argued that full independence would be more valuable than being close to the EU because it would allow Britain to seize other global opportunities. However, according to the NAO, Britain’s trade with other parts of the world increased by only 1% during the period under review.

Since leaving the EU in January, Britain has not yet entered into a trade agreement with any of its partners, with whom it is not a member. It has preliminary construction agreements with Australia and New Zealand. (Reading, Bloomberg)

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