January 21, 2022

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Britain has enjoyed its hottest New Year

Britain has enjoyed its hottest New Year

London, Jan. 1 (TASR) – The hottest New Year in the UK was celebrated on Saturday, with temperatures rising above 16 degrees Celsius for the first time since measurements began. AFP reported.

St. According to preliminary data, James Park in central London was measured by meteorologists at 16.2 degrees Celsius. Such a value significantly exceeded the previous first January high of 15.6 degrees Celsius measured in Cornwall in 1916.

The immediate warm start of the New Year foretold New Year’s Day, which was the hottest in Britain since the beginning of such recordings. In the eastern part of the UK, the maximum temperature on that day was 15.3 degrees Celsius, higher than in 2011.

The historic Somerset House in London had to close its ice rink on Saturday due to unusually hot weather as high temperatures worsened the quality of the snow.

According to meteorologists, the arrival of hot weather caused hot and humid air currents from the Canary Islands. However, according to their estimates, the warm start of 2022 ends abruptly, with daily temperatures in the Scottish capital Edinburgh expected to drop to three degrees Celsius in the middle of the week when cool winds come in from the north.

2021 was generally “slightly warmer and slightly drier than average,” scientist Mike Kenton said in a summary of the British Meteorological Service. He said last year would be one of the 20 warmest years Britain has experienced since the start of the measurements.