January 24, 2022

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Britain fights corona virus: registers more than 30,000 infections in a single day

Britain fights corona virus: registers more than 30,000 infections in a single day

The number of new coronavirus infections in the UK has crossed 30,000 for the first time in seven days in the past day.

Referring to government data, Reuters reported. The United Kingdom will move Slovakia and Austria to the list of low-risk countries from Sunday. Raise isolation for non-vaccinated visitors from France.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday said the government would ease the conditions for travel to other countries through the vaccine campaign. After arriving in the UK and Scotland, fully vaccinated travelers from the EU and the US no longer have to be isolated from Monday. France was the exception from EU countries, but the British cabinet announced on Wednesday evening that vaccinated passengers from this country could travel without compulsory isolation. France will officially go on the list of medium-risk countries early Sunday morning.

The UK and Scotland also added Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Lithuania, Romania and Norway to the list of low-risk countries. After arriving from these countries, passengers are not required to be isolated from August 8, even if they have not been vaccinated. The Czech Republic still considers the United Kingdom to be of moderate risk, so only vaccinated people can travel without isolation.

However, Reuters reports that Johnson’s cabinet has increased the price of compulsory hotel insulation for visitors from high-risk countries such as Turkey and Egypt. Ten-day isolation costs 2,285 per cent, which is 60 per cent higher.

There have been 30,215 new cases reported in the UK in the past day. In a country of about 65 million people, 86 people died positively last day from a positive corona virus test. Despite the high number of infections, the number of deaths with Covid-19 is relatively low, which experts attribute to the successful vaccination campaign.

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