October 22, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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In the UK, the number of hospital admissions could reach alarming levels, a government adviser has warned

Britain eliminates covitsemaphore from Monday and replaces it with a simpler system

Since Monday the United Kingdom has introduced simple travel rules. Countries are divided into two categories: red and others. The BBC reported on its website.

This two-tier system changed the light of travel traffic, dividing countries into red, yellow, and green according to the proportion of corona virus that spreads across countries.

Passengers who have been fully vaccinated from outside the red list will no longer have to be tested before traveling to the UK. This applies to those who have been vaccinated in the UK, the European Union, the United States and 18 other countries, and to those under the age of 18 living in those countries.

However, all passengers, except children under the age of five, must undergo a PCR test within two days of entering the UK. The British government has already announced that a cheaper test will suffice for those who have been fully vaccinated since the end of October. However, the government has not yet announced the exact date.

People who have not been fully vaccinated need a pre-departure test and two PCR tests – on the second and eighth days. They have to be home alone for up to ten days.
Arrive in red countries and be subjected to ten days of hotel isolation as soon as they arrive in the UK, they have to pay for themselves. The backup costs 85 2285 (approximately 70 2670).

Protecting public health is our priority“More than 80 per cent of Britain’s population has been vaccinated.

According to the BBC, British airlines have said that going abroad will make overseas travel easier and cheaper.

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