January 21, 2022

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Britain cancels anti-epidemic measures: Stores urge people not to wear veils

Britain cancels anti-epidemic measures: Stores urge people not to wear veils

The largest supermarket chains in the UK will encourage their employees and customers to wear the veil from next Monday, although this is no longer mandatory.

Reuters news outlet on Thursday.

The remaining anti-epidemic measures in the UK will be scrapped from July 19. The government argues that the level of vaccination in the population often reflects the number of serious cases of COVID-19 or deaths from it.

The chains of many stores, such as Tesco, Chainsbury, Asta and Aldi, said it would be best if their employees and customers wore a veil. They said they would maintain restrictions on the number of customers, security restrictions on cash registers or a number of preventive measures, including routine cleaning and disinfection.

Tesco asked customers to be vigilant and protect themselves with curtains. Representatives of the Chainsbury Network said they were warning shoppers about wearing the towel through pictograms and voice announcements.

Although the measure has been relaxed in the UK, the government has been recommending that people wear the veil in densely populated limited areas and places from Monday, although it is no longer mandatory. Sadiq Khan, the mayor of the British capital, London, said the veil would be mandatory on public transport.

The United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland take their own action.

According to the Gander public opinion poll, two-thirds of respondents are in favor of anti-epidemic measures – some, most or all – in practice. About 60 percent of respondents supported wearing towels in shops and on public transport.

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