November 28, 2021

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Britain apologizes for 1990 Gulf incident

Britain apologizes for 1990 Gulf incident

LONDON, Nov. 24 (Reuters) – The British government on Tuesday apologized for not warning British Airways that Iraq was going to invade Kuwait, and in 1990 one of its airlines was taken hostage.

Passengers on a British Airways flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, arrived in Kuwait on August 2, just hours after Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s forces invaded the Middle East.

Many of the 367 passengers and crew were imprisoned for more than four months, and some served. “Human Shields” To the forces of the Iraqi dictator.

Ex-hostages have long been trying to find out what the government in London at the time knew and whether there were members of the Secret Service on board the dangerous plane.

At midnight on August 2, 1990, the British ambassador to Kuwait informed London of the invasion of Iraq, British Foreign Secretary Lis Tras told parliament.

In the archive film, Liz Truss.
Photo: TASR / AP

Flight 149 was already in the air when the report reached various ministries, including the embassy and defense departments, the British Prime Minister’s Office and the Secret Service.

However, Truss said in a written statement that the data had not reached British Airways headquarters.

Flight No. 149 officially started late “Technical issues”, And landed in Kuwait after one o’clock at night. The Kuwait airport closed about 45 minutes later.

Truss said the British ambassador to Kuwait was not sure about the extent of the invasion of Iraq, according to classified documents, and that no action had been taken at the time to warn airlines or dangerous airlines.

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At the same time, Truss confirmed an earlier government report that Special British forces were not on the accused plane. “We are not trying to influence this situation in any way.”.

British Airways denies allegations of negligence, conspiracy and secrecy.