January 21, 2022

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Brexit negotiator proposes new protocol: Britain threatens to pull out of dohdoy

Brexit negotiator proposes new protocol: Britain threatens to pull out of dohdoy

David Frost, London’s chief negotiator for Brexit, on Tuesday proposed completely new measures to change the policy of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The BBC reported on its website.

In front of diplomats in Lisbon, Frost called his proposal “the best way forward.” According to him, the document supports the original protocol and supports the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. “We have a short but real opportunity to introduce new measures to alleviate the political crisis,“Frost said he called on the European Union to read the British legal document carefully. According to him, the current protocol” does not survive “because it is not supported in Northern Ireland.

He further added that Britain could implement Article 16 of the Brexit agreement if it did not agree with the EU. Either party may suspend certain parts of the contract. “Northern Ireland is not an EU territory. We have a responsibility to safeguard peace and prosperity and to use Article 16 where necessary,” he said.

The protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland is part of the Brexit agreement between Britain and the European Union after difficult and lengthy negotiations. The purpose of the protocol is to protect the principles of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and to prevent the re-imposition of strict border rule between Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, and Ireland, a member of the European Union.

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