January 16, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Bratislava wants to postpone the ban on parking on sidewalks. The postponement can continue at least until the municipal elections

  • From March 1, 2022, parking on the sidewalk will only be permitted if permitted by a traffic light.
  • Current practice, when it is enough to leave a meter and a half, it will be against the rules and there will be a fine, slip or draw.
  • Deputies approved the change at the end of November, a bit out of heedlessness.
  • Thus, only Slovakia came close to the developed European countries, where parking for flat cars on the sidewalk was prohibited for a long time.

Until now, if the driver leaves a distance of one and a half meters on the curb, he can leave the car there and there is no danger to him from this. In large cities, for example, it was used by drivers “cross-country” and those who did not want to remember permanent residence and residential parking.

However, after the 1st of March next year, it will be against the regulations. It will only be possible to park on the sidewalk where the traffic light expressly allows it.

The change affects the whole of Slovakia. However, most concerns from Bratislava. This makes sense, because there are most cars.

This is a return to normal – Slovakia is the only EU country where drivers can now steal pedestrians from sidewalks in this way.

MEPs decided on a new system at the end of November. However, the amendment to the Roads Act, dubbed “the sidewalk”, was passed by Parliament by chance. If MEPs read it correctly, there is likely to be a debate about sidewalk parking.

Inadvertently, with the ban on flat-rate parking, MPs voted