January 21, 2022

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Brany shot like never before, and the KHL + HLASY goalkeeper didn’t help Liptak either

Banska Bystrica hockey players fired another Liptovsky Mikulas 8:1 in round 46 of the Tepos Extraliga. The first formation of Abaranovi, listed as the third Výhonský, Tamáši, Kabá, participated in only four goals. For the first time this season, our hockey players scored more than four goals and were in a good mood for Thursday’s derby with the opponent and champion in Zvolen.

Liptovsky Mikulas started the match with only sixteen skaters due to injuries, with retro jerseys from the turn of the 60-70s, but with two new reinforcements, in goal with Ivanikov, who has experience from KHL (Niznikamsk, Vladivostok, Spartak Moscow and Lada. Togliati) and attacking with Finn carbine. Banská Bystrica, with their full formation, had the upper hand from the start, which they converted into the opening goal in the sixth minute. Björkung’s shot came from behind the circle Matej Galpavo the cake 1: 0. Then the guests didn’t use the power game and then our hockey players dominated again. In the eighteenth minute, they increased to 2: 0 After Cabaye’s shot from a corner Alex VohonskyWhen the disc is also successfully flushed.

In the second trimester, life appeared noticeably in the Liptov family, they were more active. Obdržálek was unsuccessful in two possibilities, when he initially hit the disc in the intermediate ring poorly and then did not hit it at all in front of the exposed goal. Guests can also reduce weakness. After a goalkeeper foul HC ´05, the original Urpín Handlovský finished in the MHk 32 jersey and aimed at the post! The rule you don’t offer is confirmed – you understand. Banská Bystrica added the third goal from the first serious work in the middle. Win twice in the pre-goal zone with luck Michel Cabaye3: 0. Within four minutes, that wasn’t all Philip Vasas The fourth goal after confirmation in the pre-goal area and Mikulas took a break from the state 4: 0. After him, they did not use the strong ´barani’, and at the end of the third half there was finally a reduction by the Liptovs, when Šepelev threw a puck off the guardrail and ran in front of the goal. Matisse PaluchkoWhich the video judge had to confirm – 4: 1. This case only lasted 37 seconds, because a bullet was taken on the other side Alex Vohonsky From behind the circle and behind the player, the teams headed to the state’s locker room 5: 1.

In the third inning, they played with Obranic skillfully and tactically, trying to keep the opponent away, and he had difficulty reaching the end. Hovorka had a good chance, but Wenger reliably intervened. Urpín hockey players were waiting for their chance and made a quick counterattack in the 47th minute, at the end of which was Alex Tamchywho pushed through the ice on the right shaft to the pole – 6: 1. Kozel flew into goal and surrendered within three minutes after solo action Milos Bubela And his great end of the circle with the help of sticks – 7: 1. The meeting was just over. On the 8: 1 However, it is still on the rise Mitch Fosser, when Bačík fired from the intermediate ring. And Berger did not use the free tutovka from the intermediate loop at the last minute.

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Match facts:

HC´05 Banská Bystrica – MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas 8:1 (2:0, 3:1, 3:0)

Objectives: 6. Galbavy (Björkung, Bubela), 18. Výhonský (Kabáč, Tamáši), 29. Kabáč (Výhonský, Tamáši), 33. Vašaš (Melcher, Kostromitin), 40. Výhonský (Kabáč), 47. Tamáški (Bár) , 50. Pupila, 57. Fosser (Pacek, Serbak) – 39. Matos Paluchko (Sibiliev)

They decided: D. Konc st., Goga – Crman, Staššák, Two minute exclusion.: 1:3, electricity wires: 0: 0, Weaknesses: 0: 0, without spectators.


Banska Bystrica: Weninger – Cardwell, Bačík, Björkung, Kostromitin, iak, Boldižár – Výhonský, Tamáši, Kabáč – Fossier, Berger, Šcerbak – Galbavý, Bubela, Gabor – Vašaš, Sojka, Melcher

Mikulash: Ivannikov (47. Kozel) – Ventelä, S. Droppa, A. Salija, Šepelev, Varttinen, J. Nemec – Karppinnen, Hovorka, Handlovský – Matúš Paločko, Kriška, Obdržálek – Haluška, J.Jurík, Kalousek

Votes after the match:

Banska Bystrica coach Ivan Drobba: “The match was firmly in our hands from the first minute. We also made a name for ourselves when we found, so to speak, holiday bowlers in the team, but we are glad we fell there. However, we still have to stay firmly on the ground after this match, because On Thursday we have a tough game in Zvolen. We can only look forward to midnight and start our long-range goals again tomorrow. Today, until we started coming up with a lot of ideas, the opponent didn’t have a lot of games and I was happy to shoot because we went in and scored four. In the area in front of it. It was not uncommon. This should happen in every game, we needed such goals. Výhonský, Tamáši and Kabá’s attack played very well. Playing in the top five and scoring four goals is a really good business card. Today We were in front of goal a lot, one player is always protected there and when a puck was thrown into the goal, they were there as a pivot. Finally we scored the goals we missed so far. We were strong in front of goal, so we have to play.”

Bystricoviny also asked about the attack of the Legion (Fossier, Berger, Ščerbak), which is still listed first, but starts second, respectively. Third place in the ranking and fails in shooting and sometimes even in games. What to look for against L. Mikuláš. Male Droppa:

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“In terms of productivity, this attack may not be perfect, but if one doesn’t work, the other should help, which is what happened today. That’s a positive too. Since they are Legion members, they are expected to do more and perhaps admit more pressure on the themselves more than is necessary. But I still think Nikita, Chase and Mitch will come back to him and show what they have in terms of attacking.”

Michel Cabaye, the most productive player of the match (1 + 3): “It wasn’t as smooth as it seemed. Above all, we had a good lead, not allowing the opponent to settle for anything for the first 14 minutes. We put two goals into the break, then added another and the match was already decided at 4:0. Although Although the opponent was still trying, it created pressure in the second half in some places, but we were really successful and scored almost everything. He also caught me there, we did all the work of what we had and that’s where the productivity came in. However, I would like to I pay tribute to all four lines, every line prevailed, and they all scored a goal. My four points are the personal maximum in the match, so far I have had three (smile) maximum. I will not lie. However, the fact that our line has been playing together for the longest time, since The start of the season, and it was clear on the ice. We communicate with each other and it paid off. I’m glad we pushed into the goal today, we shot and it led to such a result. Perhaps it will boost our confidence and we will trust each other more. After this great victory, we tested players in Locker room, who will work it in the locker room amid ecstasy . One of the champions does not succeed, we are moving forward.”

Alex Výhonsk, scored two goals in Banská Bystrica (2 + 1 per match): “It was one of those matches that we needed, especially in our attack. We are all happy. But we just have to look forward to the midnight and follow this match with another, especially disciplined performance, and continue the campaign. First of all, we all feel the confidence of the coach in our attack, which is It’s important for every player. If a player feels confident, he has space on the ice, so he rests. Our streak has been working since the previous season, now I have more space and we’re trying to take advantage of it, to thank the coach for his trust. We’re playing. We know what’s expected of us and we’re trying to take advantage of Our strengths. I also took a step into my first triple in the top competition today, but at least I don’t have to pay anything to the bank in the locker room (laughs).”

Alex Tamáši, Banská Bystrica center for first attack in the match with L. Mikuláš (1 + 2 in the match): “We just knew that at the time. I think we controlled the whole match, playing mostly with them in the squad. The opponent only had a chance after some of our mistakes, or after some relaxation on our part. But it was a great match. It’s split by a point in the table, so These are three important points for us. We bounced a little bit to Novi Zamki and Liptovsky Mikulas. We can only look forward to midnight, because a strong opponent awaits us – Zvolin. ”

Milan Janushka, coach of the. Mikulash: “I am very disappointed, it is difficult for me to judge the match. Even though we had eight injured players and played three fives, I imagined it differently. We got cheap goals after runs and hits and then everything collapsed like a house of carats. As for the goalkeeper. The Russian, it’s difficult to evaluate his performance. He only came to us yesterday, but he collected unfortunate goals after leaks and hits. We also drank a cup of heat with him to the bottom. I basically think that the injured players will be ready as soon as possible so that we can play in the five It’s very difficult to play in this current situation.”